In this streaming era, every cool kids out there, is interested in Internet based content, web series rather than conventional television. But for those who want both on same platform,there are ton of streaming links over the internet and many apps that assist streaming television .I must say that despite the fact that there are many links and apps, normal user feels it borin to check all the working links or try all those advertised apps. In this post I am going to talk about open source and our most loved media player “VLC media player”. To put that in context those who dpnt know what VLC is : VLC is a open source software media player that is loved by many users because it can play almost all media out there.Most of us use VLC for videos but few of you may know that you can Watch Free Online TV Channels In VLC Player.Read this full post as this might be helpful for you.

You can easily stream online tv channels through VLC player .It’s simple just to install VLC player on your PC and follow these steps and enjoy watching your favourite programs on even at low speed. VLC is a simple fast and powerful media player. It plays almost everything Files, Discs, Webcams , Devices and Streams.The best thing about VLC player is that it runs on all platforms Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, Unix.

Step 1:

Open VLC media player. If you don’t have then Install VLC player on your PC here. LINK

Step 2:

Go to the ‘Media’ from Menu Bar and Select ‘ Stream’ .

Step 3:

Now go to the third tab ‘NETWORK’ .Enter the URL of your favourite channel which you want to watch .
For Example: URL of B4U Music channel – rtsp://
On the right side there is ‘Stream dropdown’. Select ‘PLAY’.

Now you have learnt how to stream free online channels in VLC media player. You can get URL of your favourite TV channels easily by simply search URL of your fav channel on Google. Enjoy Watching!


FOR RK NEWS                  rtsp://

RAJ News                         rtsp://

FOR ETV                           rtsp://

FOR Studio N                    rtsp://

FOR SVBC                         rtsp://

For Zoo Vision                   rtsp://

For B4u Music                    rtsp://

For iMusic                           rtsp://

For Zee Tamil                      rtsp://

For Zee Kannad                   rtsp://

For Zee Bangla                    rtsp://

For Music Box                      rtsp://

For Bella Tv                          rtsp://

For Fashion Tv                      rtsp://

For Adventure                      rtsp://

FOR Horror                           rtsp://

FOR Comedy                        rtsp://

FOR Classic                          rtsp://

For Crime                             rtsp://

For Mystery                          rtsp://

For Clubbing Tv                      rtsp://

aajtak                                   rtsp://

times now                            rtsp://

headlines today                      rtsp://

ndtv 24*7                              rtsp://

ndtv profit                              rtsp://

ndtv goodtimes                      rtsp://

ndtv india                               rtsp://

cnbc awaaz                             rtsp://

cnbc Tv18                                rtsp://

zee business                             rtsp://

zee marathi                               rtsp://

zee tv                                       rtsp://

zee regional                               rtsp://

zee regional                               rtsp://

zee regional                               rtsp://

zee regional                               rtsp://

ten action                                  rtsp://

etc                                            rtsp://

zing                                           rtsp://

zee classic                                 rtsp://

zee smile                                   rtsp://



These are few channels you might like to check on. There are tons of such links scattered over the Internet and may possibly include the channel not listed here and you are fond of. If you want a particular channel link then please do comment or check our future posts where we’ll be collecting more working diverse links. Thanks for reading this article.


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