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android p

Android p developer preview ,android p full name and release date

It’s time to start speculating with, the next version of Android going to be because the first preview of it is out. It will be Android P of some sort of treat that starts with the letter P. I don’t know but drop a comment and let me know what you actually think the next version is going to be.

What will Android P be called?

As android p full name and android p version name are not public yet. Here is the list compiled and we rated each prediction. Android p release date is not disclosed but we will update as a rumor is out.


Android 9.0 Pistachio Ice Cream (9/10)

Android 9.0 Peppermint (9/10)

Android 9.0 Popsicle (9/10)

Android 9.0 Pastry (8/10)

Android 9.0 peda (8/10)

Android 9.0 Petha (8/10)

Android 9.0 Pecan Pie (7/10)

Android 9.0 Pumpkin Pie (7/10)

Android 9.0 Peanut Butter (7/10)

Android 9.0 Panna Cotta (3/10)

Android 9.0 Pancake (7/10)

Android 9.0 Pound Cake (6/10)

Android 9.0 Parfait (3/10)

Android 9.0 Popover (5/10)

Android 9.0 Praline (1/10)

Android 9.0 Pandoro (1/10)

Android 9.0 Poached Pears (1/10)

Android 9.0 Pineapple (3/10)

Android 9.0 Petit Four (1/10)

Android 9.0 Pastille (1/10)

Android 9.0 Profiterole (1/10)

Android 9.0 Puff Pastry (4/10)

Android p developer preview

Now the first android p developer preview is out but there’s a lot of changes actually aesthetically and just some interesting features including some sort of natural aided features. I’m going through everything that I found and that’s Google has actually put out. They’ve made some changes and also some new features coming to Android P. Generally, there are a few previews that come out before the official release.

let’s talk about the first developer preview of Android P. Before we really get started, Android P which hasn’t given a number yet it’s just Android P, not 9 which you would expect it to be. However, it may not be. I’ll talk about that in just a little bit anyway.


android p

Android p easter egg

You’ll see Android version P on quickly tapping there is that Easter Egg right there, so the P and lots of different colors and actually if you either lock the screen or restart it. It will change colors in a very trippy, psychedelic way so if I go ahead and just lock it you’ll see it is an animating and switching colors. As I lock and unlock my phone there are different color options. After playing around with it, if you want it to be extra psychedelic you can actually just pinch to zoom in and out you’ll see he’ll just keep resetting as you pinch in and out so pretty trippy there. let’s begin with original Google pixel. But you can install it on any other pixel device. At the moment those are the only ones supported. I had to manually flash this developer preview as I didn’t get it via the beta program right away.

android pAndroid p clock is now at the upper left side

Don’t glance to the upper-right anymore, it looks like they have moved that clock to the upper left-hand corner of the status bar which is quite interesting. Swiping down you’ll notice, they completely revamped quick settings icons. They just have colors, no text whatsoever and a little bar down below to let you know you can’t expand them. Still, you’ll notice that Settings icon goes away when you swipe down. Once swiping down again brings us to everything where all of those little widgets are a different style look to them. You still have your brightness control right there. You can edit them and when you edit them you can just drag and drop them.

When you swipe down twice or of course you can still swipe down with two fingers to get to all of the notifications themselves. They look just a little bit different. It shows the icon of the person that the message you sent so if I hit reply and say hi back it’s going to pop up my specific contact icon.So you have contact icons within the messaging app. Also, I can’t get it to work but it will actually offer you suggested replies within the notification. I believe that would be a setting within the messaging app that needs to get updated.

android pChange in settings icons

Right next to the phone there appears very similar interface. You can still swipe up to get to your app tray it has duo and allo pre-installed. As expected going back home, you’ll notice that search bar down bottom. But if you press and hold you get to wallpapers app; the exact same just choose all the same wallpapers to go into home settings. They changed icon shape for whatever reason that was on there to a rounded square. You can change the icon and try to drop and show. Check out those icons now they have little tails on them. All of them are in the app drawer.

Next up, going to the Settings app and to standard display settings. Scrolling all the way down you’ll notice the nice theme settings. Great right? you can start to theme your pixel maybe a night mode not quite. Don’t worry this isn’t going to be in the final release, this is just a developer feature. As if you guys know some Android phones have started to come out with a little notch up at the top.So, Google is following the same trend and you’ll see it in device theme. Checking out tall display cut out sometimes it works.

android pSupport for notch

You can add a notch to this phone in the developer option. This is just a developer option don’t worry guys it’s just for app developers to be able to actually develop for these phones that are coming out with a notch. When trying a wide cutout display there’s a wide notch on your phone. You’ll see that it didn’t do much. So you’re going to run into bugs as this isn’t necessarily a perfect version. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend flashing this if you have it on your daily phone. this is not my daily phone hence why I’m not going to use it.

Intelligent auto rotate

The next feature Google didn’t really mention but I did notice it and I’m actually very excited about it .It has to do with Auto rotating and I have Auto rotate on. But I’m going to turn it off and watch what happens. When I go to actually auto rotate this screen it should rotate but notice an icon that pops up. It gives you the option to switch to landscape mode instead of portrait mode. Before it was only portrait only but now I can go ahead and switch into portrait and it pops up again. This is a great way to combat accidental landscape portrait mode if you’re just moving your phone around you’ll see it’ll give you the option but it won’t actually do it until you press that button.

android p

Easier to access volume slider and screenshot option

Pressing and holding the power button, you not only get power off and reset but you also get a screenshot button. After a quick screenshot, it saves it and you can share, edit it to a device. But also in a new update, if you go ahead and use your volumes there on the right side and they’ve really customized it.So when you’re using your phone one-handed it’s easy to switch that volume up and down. Taking a close look, you’ll see that it says media. You can tap this to change to your meet specific media output on-the-fly. You can drag and drop the icon here. Then down at the bottom go from ring vibrate and mute as well.

You know maybe of what’s upcoming it’s an android eight battery settings which are pretty funny because it’s not going to be Android eight. But I want to make note of the system UI demo mode.It normally does is, it just enables a screenshot demo mode ad. The clock generally will change to what the Android versions going to be. so in the past Android seven auto, it was seven o’clock. I could think of as to why they’re changing it to ten, who knows.

android pReduced power mode

If I go into battery settings they have changed it to reduced power mode which you can activate a low battery mode. Some features are limited turn that on or off. You can show the battery percentage.

Wi-Fi RTT and Dual lens support

Android P offers support for Wi-Fi RTT (round-trip time). If you’ve ever been in a mall or a building it struggles to find your GPS location. What this does is offer support for indoor maps. I guess the location and indoor positioning and apps can take advantage of this API . Now there’s also update for multi-camera support so if you have dual rear-facing cameras or even dual front-facing cameras they offer support for this. What that means is they can individually control each lens for zoom bokeh other features as well and this also might indicate that the next Google pixel might actually have two lenses. Of course, it being a Developer Preview they’ve offered some behind the scenes improvements such as HDR support and a bunch of other ones.

I want to see what you guys come up with as what you think Android p is going to be named as always guys thank you very much for reading.

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How to invite friends on fortnite mobile

How to play and add friends on fortnite

How to play and add friends on Fortnite

Fortnite is a free play survival game set on contemporary earth. It is backed up by unreal engine 4 and is available on Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, ios and is planned to roll on Android soon. In Fortnite, players can team up to four players and compete on various missions with randomly generated maps. It is more like a survival free play game where players collect resources, build fortifications.
Fortnite battle royale starts with a flying bus from where 100 players are dropped. After they have landed on the ground they try to collect resources and try to kill the opponent. The last man or last team standing wins the Fortnite battle royale. It is similar to PUBG players unknown battlegrounds. PUBG focus on realistic graphics while Fortnite is fancier with vibrant color pops, cartoonist characters and powers. In Fornite you can fortify and make shields and assist tools from woods while PUBG is purely survival last man standing game.

How to play Fornite

People are curious about how to play Fornite. I am going to simplify the process, keep reading. At the time of writing, Fornite is not available for Android platform.So, Fornite android apk file and Fortnite android signup is not possible.But if you have an ios device you can play for free by using this link. Fortnite
After you have clicked the link next thing is you have to register for an epic games account. The process is fairly simple and the registration page will guide you through this. Verify your email address and you are ready for Fortnite ios signup. As this is the initial phase for ios you have to ask for invitation code and you will be provided with invitation code via email. The first round of invites for Fortnite mobile on iOS devices has already been sent.
As a side note, they are many malicious pages on the internet that claim to have Fortnite android apk or Fortnite android free download. Always refer to an official notice from epic games to download Fortnite for android.

How to invite friends on fortnite mobileHow to invite friends on Fortnite mobile

In Fortnite besides playing yourself, you can add three members to your Fortnite squad. For this, you have three invite codes. You have to send these to friends whom you want to be in your Fortnite squad. You will get a notification on the right side of the screen.

Inviting friends on Fortnite is easy. First, launch Fortnite and wait for the game to connect to Fortnite servers. Now on lobby tap invite friends tab.Then, tap share invite code. You have two options to share the invite code. You can directly send the invitation to epic account or via email. After you have send and friends have successfully signed into the game, they are added to your friends list.

Is Fortnite is available on Android?

Fornite android is set to launch after few weeks. Presently it is available on ios via special invitation.

What is Fortnite android alternative?

I cant say which is the best alternative to Fortnite android but PUBG is a way to go. At the time of the writing, PUBG has been rolled to Android devices globally. Initially, it was launched only in Canada. Fortnite android version is expected to have higher system requirements than PUBG.

How to invite friends on fortnite mobileIs Fornite compatible with my device?

You may have wondered if Fornite for ios and Fortnite android will run smoothly on your device or not. For ios, you must have at least iPhone 6s or iPhone SE. All higher iPhone and iPad are compatible with Fortnite with ios including iPhone 6s,iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 7,iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, iPad Pro, iPad 2017, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4.

Fornite android is not released yet but the list of compatible devices is out. Below are some Android devices that are compatible with Fortnite android:
Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel XL, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 10 pro, Huawei Mate 10 lite, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 9 Pro, Huawei p10, Huawei p10 plus, Huawei p10 lite, Huawei p9, Huawei p9 Lite, Huawei p8 lite, LG G6, LG V30.The list will be updated when Fortnite android is available.

How to open chests on Fornite for ios

It is really annoying to have different controls on Fornite mobile. Due to smaller screens, many things have been compromised. Players complain of accidentally firing while opening a chest. We hope Fortnite will enhance controls in further ios update or Fornite android which will be rolled next month. To open a chest or an ammo box you can try going near it and tap it.

How to 50v50 in Fortnite

The 50v50 mode is only available in Battle Royale for ios. To play 50v50 go to the Battle Royale lobby and select the 50v50 playlist. Wait some time for matchmaking and then wait some more for all the players to join the game.

How to invite friends on fortnite mobileHow to cross play on Fortnite

Since latest patch crossplay of Fortnite not straightforward but I will cover the necessary steps to cross play on Fortnite. As there is no login option, the console user need to go to and create an account after launching the game. Choose a new name and type your email. After the account is created successfully, go to the account settings and to connected accounts page. Here you can link your Play Station Number PSN or Xbox account.After the account has been linked, you have to add and accept the friend request of the pc user. There might be need of relaunching game on the Pc side. Next, the PC user can join the console player by selecting join party on the friends list.

Thanks for reading.Feel free to comment or share this article.

how to make win 10 faster

How to make windows 10 faster for Gaming in 2018

Many readers complain me and ask what can I do to make Windows 10 as fast as its previous iterations or how to make windows 10 faster.In this post, I am going to show how to make windows 10 faster for free and without using any software. So let’s begin the tutorial on how to make windows 10 faster in 2018.

Windows 10 change power options

Go to your start menu and search power option. Now you will see the power options on the result, just click on it. Then you will get the control panel power options window. If your default power plan is set as Balanced then Change it to high performance. Now you can close the power option.

how to make win 10 faster

Disable unnecessary startup programs windows 10

For this, you need to go to the task manager. The easiest way to get to the task manager is by click on any empty space on your taskbar and choose task manager.Once you are in the task manager, Go to startup.Here you will see all the programs that start up automatically when your system start. When you install a program in Windows, it may add a small program that runs when Windows starts. And after installing a lot of software, you may experience your boot up process becoming slower. And these programs run on the system background forever and it causes your system performance to slow down. If there are programs you don’t use much, they probably don’t need them to start every time you boot your computer.

You should disable unwanted startup programs to achieve a better startup speed & System performance. The list contains many programs that we regularly use as well as other programs that we never use on a daily basis. Identify them and disable them. For example, if you are not an active Onedrive user you can disable Onedrive from automatically starting up. Make sure do not disable your programs published by Microsoft Corporation, because maybe these programs running your windows, and do not disable the antivirus too.

how to make win 10 fasterDefragment and optimize drives windows 10

To make windows 10 faster, your hard disk’s file density, reach should be near and less fragmented files.To Defragment and Optimize Drives, go to the start menu and search defragment And click on the defragment and optimize drives. Now you will see a window where your drive is listed, From here you select your system drive. Usually, it is the c drive. Then click on Optimize. Now you can see your System drive is optimizing. Once it finished you can close this windows.

how to make win 10 fasterDelete unnecessary temporary files

To delete unnecessary temporary files, head over to the start menu and right click on windows icon, Then choose run from here. Alternatively, you can use shortcut windows + R.Now type %temp% and click on ok. Now you will see a temp folder window with many files and folders in it. Select everything in it and delete. Now close the folder, go to run box again by right-clicking on the windows icon and choose run. Now type “temp” without quotes and click on ok.Again a folder will appear. Then select all the files in it, right click and delete. Now again go to run and this time Type prefetch. Now click on ok. Now click on continue and you select everything and delete.

how to make win 10 faster

Clean Up memory

Go to your file explorer, right click on Your system drive or c drive or more specifically saying, where your windows 10 is installed. And choose properties from here. Click on the general tab. here you will see the disk cleanup option, Just click on it! and allow it to scan the files.After Scanning is finished and click on the cleanup system files and it will scan again. After the scan finished you will see a window. Now click ok. And it will ask you “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files, Click on ok (delete files). Don’t worry It will only delete the unnecessary files, And what this is doing right now is cleaning all the unnecessary files in your system. Now the cleaning process has been done.To make windows 10 faster on old laptop this step should be done frequently.

how to make win 10 faster

Reduce runtime service

Open the run box by right-clicking on the windows icon and choose run. Type in msconfig, then Click on ok and from here go to service. Now check on this box that labels hide all Microsoft services. That’s really important. Otherwise, you may delete any Important things accidentally. So make sure you tick this option, now click on ok.

how to make win 10 faster

Registry tweaks for windows 10

Now I will show you how to do some registry tweaks to speed up your windows 10. First thing you do Is launch the run box. For that head over to the windows icon, right click on it, and choose run, then type in regedit and click on ok. Now you will see this window, and from here you go to HKEY Current user. click on it, and then go to control panel and then double click on the mouse folder. Now double click on Mouse hover time option and change its value to 10, Then click on ok. Now double click on the desktop folder, scroll down a little bit, then double-click Mouse show delay and change its value to 10, then click on ok. Now, we just increased the mouse respond time. To experience all this change you should restart your system.However, this step is optional and doesn’t contribute much to make Windows 10 faster.

how to make win 10 faster

Windows 10 System Performance

In this final step, I am going to show you how to disable your Windows 10  graphical performance to boost your system performance. It won’t affect your gaming graphic or your program graphics. It will only reduce the graphics performance of your windows 10 OS. After you do this you may feel low-quality visual effects. But it will improve your system performance to the maximum level. So the final decision is up to you. I will show you how to do it, try it on if you want. If you feel disappointing, you can always change it back to the normal stage later. Open My computer and right-click then tap on properties. Now click on the advanced system settings on the left side.Here you will find this settings button under Performance. Just click on the settings button and you will get this performance options window. This setting is basically, everything that makes your Windows 10 looks beautiful. I only recommend this, if you want the extreme performance that possible with your machine. Click on Adjust for best performance option and you can see, it will automatically un-check all these settings.  That’s it. Once you have done editing, just click on apply and ok. Now let’s take a proper system restart. So that it guys, that how to make windows 10 run faster and smoother.

Thanks for reading the article. You can also ask question, suggestion or doubt, I will definitely reply each and every comment you leave.