There are millions of apps in the Google play store or simply i’ll call app store, covering just about every topic imaginable. But there are many apps that are not in google play store.These apps are restricted on Google play store due to google policy violation. These apps have extended functionalities that google hates. There are many fake links to these app s across the internet and even fake apps in Google play store.So, you must proceed with caution and download only from trusted sites (you can search forums for reviews and link validation).Even after you download i suggest you to scan locally using your antivirus for spywares, malwares. Those apps which are not in google play are easy to install(you just have to side-load it).Here are the top 10 apps that are not in google play store.

Amazon underground :
Amazon underground app gives the usual shopping features along with access to the Amazon app store. This app store includes underground apps, games and in this app the purchases available for free with choice picks ranging from some of the best android games like momument valley, threes! And star wars.This apps introduces offers discounted apps and occasionally free apps. It is must have app for all android users.

Blackmart Alpha(now stable):
Blackmart alpha is the most popular alternative to Google play. It is well known for its app store which will offer us a host of cool apps for free of cost. Blackmart basically work in a contribute model internally.So, the users who purchased the original app from the google play store upload the package and are available for you to download freely.You might face legal issues when using non-licensed product and always support developer.The app now has stable version.

This app became popular when our best ES file explorer began pushing annoying popup ads.This app is a result of xda member who believe app should be nice, highly function as well as ad free. It is best android file manager with very neat user interface and plenty of features that appeals to both casual and power users. It offers tab supports dual panel modern big screens, root access for advanced operations advance search functions and customizable user interface. Basically, it is a well rounded file manager.You can use this in place of Es file manager.

F-Droid is the market for free and open source Android software. Downloading the F-Droid client makes easy for you to search for and install open source apps, and it also helps us to keep track of updates on our device. It is highly recommended for open source enthusiasts.The interface is clean with minimal design.

Xposed Framework Installer( needs root):
Xposed Framework Installer allows us to modify our existing system without going through the hassle of installing a custom ROM. It is more useful in the case that we just want to modify a few things here and there.It works like a puzzle, if you don’t like any portion then just replace that. it is for root level users and there’s a wide range and of modes and tweaks that can be applied to our device.You can replace clocks style, navigation bar,phone metadata,Easter eggs and much more.If you have rooted device then this is the must have app for customization.

Oginsta is a unofficial Instagram client that let us to access our account, publish photos, follow other and do pretty much things that we do on Instagram. The main advantage of it is, it let us to download photos and videos from Instagram. You have the ability to zoom any photos that Instagram official app doesn’t provide.If we press the share bottom it shows the option share the videos, links and downloads.

Newpipe for YouTube:
Newpipe is a YouTube client that doesn’t use any libraries dependent on google frame work or any YouTube API. It mean that we can use the app on any device, even the one that don’t have google service installed. The best part is that let us to stream music in the background and do practically anything that we do with official client.But streaming music is still unstable.

Lucky Patcher:
This app is known for modifying codes of the app to bypass in-app purchases.It let us control over the apps installed. We can buy in-app items,delete the excessive advertising, change the permission, creates backups of other apps,buy coins in many games and much more.This app operates in two modes: root and non-root.In non-rooted mode app is compiled to form new, to apply the effects you have to uninstall the original app and installed the compiled package created by Lucky patcher. But in rooted device the process takes place within the app and you don’t have to uninstall and re-install again.Simply, it gives real control over the installed apps.This app has been intensively cloned and has many fake apps ,so only download it only from trusted source.

Quick lyrics:
This app give you lyrics of various songs.It also appears that the development of this app have tried their best to stick to material design through it’s not a uniform experience throughout. But whose complaining for an app that’s free and works like a charm every time(Now i don’t use this). You may consider Musixmatch app from Google play store(better).

This is must have app if you are music lover. It lets you download music or stream music from youtube with ease. The app design is material based and it internal player is elegant and in some cases better than your default music player.

Editorial desk:

This article is made possible by our guest writer Rashmina Shrestha. This article is solely the views from the author.You can install these apps from trusted sites(many have their official website).


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