optimize utorrent for speed

Optimize uTorrent to Get Faster Downloads

Despite the fact that torrent is illegal many people are downloading torrents due to its diversified file chunks system and hence give higher local peer to peer bandwidth.One of the most used torrent client is U torrent (spell as myu torrent). They also have android client but many prefer downloading torrent via desktop client.

Many beginner users just install and use the application at its default settings. Most of them complain that their ISP is throttling their connection and have poor download speed. While others complain that their upload is higher than the regular minimal upload speed. If you have above mentioned problems or others problems related to u torrent then the post is for you.lets look at the issues and solutions.

The issues

There might be various issues regarding stability ,blank screen but these might be possibility due to the beta version. So, download the stable version using the link CLICK HERE . Few others problems that i experienced are listed below:

  • Disk Overload (100% disk usage)
  • Too many or too few connections
  • Speed limit (upload and download)
  • Firewalls or ISP that block uTorrent

These are some common problems related to u torrent as reported by most of the people. I have compiled the solutions from Internet that may be helpful for speed optimization and stable downloads. For the problems like ISP throttling you should consider purchasing high speed connections and readinf FUP (Fair Usage Policy) on Unlimited plans .For others keep reading the posts.

Optimize uTorrent to get faster downloads speed

1.Disk Overload (100% disk usage)

First problem usually found is disk overload. If you look process table on your task manager then their is 100% disk usage. This particular problem not only affects the speed of download but also the stability of your computer. If  you computer runs slow during boot then disable it from the startup. However this problem was in beta version and the recent update has fixed this issue. If you are unsure which version you have or have this issue then go to Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Disk Cache and change the value for “Override the automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB)”. Making the cache size larger keeps frequently accessed data in memory to reduce the number of reads and writes to the hard drive.


The screenshot shows the size was increased to 1500 MB but dont make any higher than 45% of the size of the RAM because the RAM in system is limited and used by other applications. By making 1500 there was increase in performance and disk usage was reduced to its normal level.

2.Too many or too few connections

Next problem was found in the number of connections. The connections for downloading or seeding to peers depends on the factors like your connection, physical specs for multiple connections, no of users on your same network and so on. Go to Options -> Preferences -> Bandwidth .Here, you can set the maximum numbers  of connections and the global number of connections for your uTorrent program. Don’t just haphazardly use numbers but use the tools like  Azureus  to calculate the numbers according to your scenario. Keep in mind that for some parameters to set in the calculator you need to enter the real world bandwidth rather than advertised bandwidth by ISP. Speedtest.net and fast.com are popular tools to check your connection speed. You must check the speed via LAN cable (ethernet) and with only one user connected for accurate results. Run these tests few times and take the average.

Take that value and add it in the calculator and from here on, only copy the numbers returned to your uTorrent. These numbers are for:

  • Max upload speed (kB/s)
  • Max upload slots per torrent
  • Maximum number of connections per torrent
  • Maximum number of connections globally
  • Max simultaneous downloads
  • Max active torrents

3.ISP throttling

Some ISP throttle your connection for using torrent using their Firewall . You can use VPN connection either free or paid that suits your needs and network latency. But if you connection is throttle for all your connections then talk to ISP or change your ISP with better plans and speed.

4.Additional Steps

Queuing: set the number of simultaneous downloads, so the speed is not split between all the downloading torrents. Using 2-3 simultaneous downloads will definitely give you a better result.

Randomize Port Each Start: Go to Options -> Preferences -> General and check the three boxes in the lower part of the window (the ones under “When Downloading”). In the same window, go to the “Connection” tab and uncheck “Randomize Port Each Start” and be sure that the “Add Windows Firewall Exception‘ box is checked

NOTE: These numbers are not standard, your optimal configuration could be different .Do some research to gain maximum speed.

Some Frequently asked questions related to torrent:

1.How to optimize and configure utorrent 3.4.2 , utorrent 3.4.5 and other versions of utorrent?

The default settings of utorrent are not optimal. Just follow the above article and you are good to go for faster downloads.

2.Which is better and faster utorrent or bittorrent?

For me both were more or less equal. Most of people prefer bittorrent over utorrent.

3.Are torrent illegal in Usa, india, canada and other countries?

Torrent community has a bad reputation of sharing copyrighted materials along with spam and harmful malwares. Due to this torrent is illegal in most countries. You are advised to use it on a VPN connection for identity protection as official might charge you with huge compensation. Check your state rules on torrent.Also download torrent from reputed sources and always scan with a updated antivirus solution.

4.Will torrenting ever stop?

Due to its decentralized peer to peer architecture. I don’t think it will stop in near future.

5.Why torrenting is good or bad?

Torrenting is good or bad in a way its perceived. The good part is it allows easy and faster file sharing. And bad part is people are distributing copyrighted material and spreading malware alongside it.

6.why torrentz2 or torrentz2.eu is not working in india?

As torrent are illegal they are shutdown or filtered by state authorities.

Thanks for reading this article.

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