How to increase pendrive size : 2gb to 4gb


Welcome, In this tutorial where we will be using a simple software to increase your external drive total space. I have tried in on my 2gb pendrive and m friend’s Samsung 2gb sd card class 10. I recommend you to try memory card , pendrives with 2 gb then try higher one. This program named Drive Increaser written by Oscar Sanchez. You can download it from here.

So, let’s begin the process. First thing first, ie. When you are dealing with important data be sure you backed up properly. Then format your sd card or pendrive. I know most of the people format directly from windows format option. But if you want a proper allocation of drive space, drive format of Sd card then I recommend you to use Sd formatter from SD card Corporation. You can get it here

After the sd card or pendrive is formatted properly then note down the drive letter.In this very example it is F: and drive label is pendrive%%. Its just label you can put any name you wish.
Now download the program from here .

If you cant access this link just google for Drive increaser download. After you download extract the zip file.
There will be three files under the above downloaded Zip file.

Open one with name Drive Increaser (which is windows batch file).
It will ask you the label you want to put once the process finishes.
For my example label is pendrive%%
I had previously asked you to remember your drive letter. If you are still confuse see your drive letter and enter when asked.
In some span of time, the program does the work.
Hope you completed the process successfully. If it didn’t worked then check your sd card is set to read only.
So thank you for reading this post. This is how we convert 2 gb Sd card to 2 gb.


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