How to Show a Message During Windows Startup


Well as we all know that Windows OS is the most usable OS in the world as the interface provided by the Windows OS is user friendly due to graphical user interface. There are many tips you can do on windows. One of those are how to show/display a message during windows startup. This tutorial will teach you how to automatically display a message on your log in screen while you start your windows.

By default, Windows doesn’t show any kind of text or message while you start your windows and also there are no any options or settings in the windows to do so. If you want to add some message on your log in screen then let me tell you that there are no direct settings to do so. However if you are willing to do so then you can do so by this simple tutorial that I am going to discuss with you.

To display a message during windows startup we are going to edit Registry of the windows. While you edit your windows registry keep in mind that registry is vital to the operating system and changing it can be dangerous if you accidentally make a mistake as any misuse may cause serious effects to your windows. I recommend you to take backup of your system by making a restore point or by simply developing a system image using Backup and Restore tool.

Steps to Display a Message During Windows Startup:-

Step 1) Open the registry editor by the following process. To open the registry editor go to windows start button and type “regedit” on it and press enter. You can also press Window+R and type regedit and then press enter. Its your choice.

Step 2) Then navigate to:-


you can directly copy and paste if you have windows 10 machine.

Then on the right hand of the registry editor window, you would see two names “legalnoticecaption” and “legalnoticetext“.

Step 3) Now double click legalnoticecaption. You would see a dialog box to be opened. That box serves as the title of your message that you want to show while you start the window. You can give any title of the message or you can leave it blank. It’s your choice to write or not. Now if you want to show the title of the message then write your title in the Value Field” as shown below in the pic otherwise you can leave it blank. Then click ok.

Step 4) In “legalnoticetext” your whole message text will be shown under the title of the message that you provided in “legalnoticecaption“. To write a message text in “legalnoticetext” double click legalnoticetext. Now after the dialog box is opened write your complete message in the “Value Field“. After writing the message click ok. See the pic below for help.

Step 5) Now close the registry editor and go back to the background of your windows then restart your PC.After you restart your PC you would see the message title(if provided) and text on the startup screen as show in the pic above.

How To Change/Remove the Message on Windows Startup:-

Now if you want to change the title and text message that appears on the windows startup then go back to the Registry Editor and change the Value Data field of “legalnoticecaption” and “legalnoticetext” and your message will be changed when you start your windows next time.

To remove the message from the windows startup go to the Registry Editor and remove the title and text message that you have setup before from the Value Data field of “legalnoticecaption” and “legalnoticetext”.

So, This is the simple tutorial to display a message during windows startup. You can also try this amazing trick on windows vista / 8 / 10 with the same procedure as explained above. Just try this cool stuff and enjoy this simple tutorial.


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