How To Find a Serial Key For Your Software

Well now a days every user uses various kinds of software or users like to use different softwares for their simplicity but most of the software that user uses are not free. These softwares are for limited use or for trial version only. These softwares are usually third party softwares. In this case you need to enter a new serial key i.e. you need to buy the serial key or simply they search for the serial key. However most of the serial keys they search are usually expired or wrong serial key.

When you search for the serial key you usually gets bother or feel irritated as you have to do a lot of hard work to find a serial key. But now you don’t have to be worried or feel annoyed as I am going to provide you different methods or tricks to find a serial key. Just follow my suggestions given below.

1) Searching on Google

Whenever you search on google to find any serial key for your software you would get many serial keysout of which many wouldn’t work for your correct software. Therefore you need to find perfect serial key for your software. When you find a serial key on google you would get worried and make you angry sometimes but now you can remove worriedness from your face. Just follow these steps below to find a perfect serial key for your software:-

1) Open Google on your browser.

2) Type the name of software for which you want to find the serial key and then type 94FBR after space in the search box and then press enter button

3) Now you will be able to see the serial key for the provided software in the google search results.


This is a simple trick to search a serial key for your softwares. This amazing trick can help you to search a serial key in seconds without wasting your time. The trick works for very least softwares.

2) Download Cracked Softwares

Now a days there are many sites that provide you fully cracked application file free of cost. So, In this case you don’t need to activate the software. Instead of that just need to download the cracked software (that you need), Install it on your device and can use the software happily for lifeime.

For finding any cracked software you can search the name of the software in the search box followed by crack.

3) Use Activator Softwares

You can use different activator softwares to activate your softwares. Using these activators you can easily activate your Windows and MS Offfice easily. You don’t need any serial key to activate your software. Just download software activator and use it. The famous activator software is KMS/KMSpico Activator for activating your windows and MS Office.

4) Key Finder Software

You can also use key finder softwares to find the best activation key for your softwares. These softwares just need the name and version of the software to find the best activation serial key for your software. There are many softwares available in different websites that provide you different key finder softwares and most of them works fine. But the most popular serial key finder software is Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder. 

You can download Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder from here.

These are the best 4 tricks to find a serial key for your software or to activate your software. Just check out these amazing 4 tricks and feel happy and relaxed. Stop wasting time on searching fake or expired serial keys.

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