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History of Droid dynasty

Droid dynasty started to give technology news, reviews since 2015.There was little pause on this journey but we are still on it. We are back with revamped interface for easy navigation and accessibility.

What we do at Droid dynasty

At Droid dynasty we strive to provide you latest news on technology and aim to support who are tech geeks like us. We are active on social media as well . Follow us on Google plus, twitter and Facebook.

Meet the team

Rupak Thapa

Founder, SEO and Digital Marketer
I am a guy who founded droiddynasty.com back in August 2015. I am passionate about all the stuffs in technology.

Marijian A.

Lead Designer, Photographer

I joined droiddynasty.com back in january 2016 and I am absolutely happy to work as a team. I am passionate about design and photography and that is what i do.

Mitch Skolnik

Community Manager 

I do all the social media management here at droiddynasty.com . You can find me hanging on social media. On free time I am on roller skates.

Got A Review Unit?

If you have an interesting and relevant product, be it a new gadget or an application, we would love to review it. Email us at:  rupakthapa@droiddynasty.com

NOTE: Android application and reviews units are accepted only in US and Nepal. If the units are outside the mentioned territories shipping charges should be cleared by the sender,

Advertise with us

If you want to advertise on droid dynasty then kindly mail us at rupakthapa@droiddynasty.com for terms and conditions, ad formats and rates.

Get your content featured

If you are tech savvy and write a guest post then mail us at rupakthapa@droiddynasty.com .we will give a chance to feature your article and promote your products or social page.

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